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CWA Local 2222

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Gaffing Survey

Recently, Verizon has decided to have technicians returning from light duty, medical restrictions or disability go to a 1 day refresher class for pole climbing (gaffing). If they do not pass the refresher, then they are required to complete the 5 day pole climbing class.

We are disputing that gaffing is a necessary part of your job. We would like as many outside technicians (members or non-members) as possible to complete this survey.

Do not consider day-of-safety when answering, except for the last 2 questions. Complete this survey in its entirety.

Local #:
First name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Job Title:
Garage Location (City& State):
How many years as an outside tech:
How many times have you gaffed as a tech:
How many times have you gaffed this year:
When was the last time you "HAD" to gaff for a job ticket:
Do you have a pair of gaffs on your work vehicle:
When was the last time you gaffed at day-of-safety:
During day-of-safety, how many feet did you have to climb:
Enter the text shown in the image above.

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