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October 04, 2015



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Verizon Offers EISP
Updated On: Jan 15, 2013

CWA has been informed that Verizon has offered an EISP. At this time there has been no surplus declared. There are only about 11 positions targeted in the Local 2222 footprint. The titles and locations are as follows:

Cable Splicing Technician      CWA 2222   19011 INDUSTRIAL DR    CULPEPER    VA 
Cable Splicing Technician      CWA 2222         139 BELLEVIEW AVE    ORANGE    VA     
Maintenance Administrator   CWA 2222    22001 LOUDOUN COUNTY PKWY    ASHBURN    VA 

Management Plan Clerk        CWA 2222            22001 LOUDOUN COUNTY PKWY    ASHBURN    VA           
Management Plan Clerk        CWA 2222            502 E PIEDMONT ST    CULPEPER    VA    S57004    1        
Management Plan Clerk        CWA 2222            7309 FORDSON RD    ALEXANDRIA    VA    S71021    1        
Management Plan Clerk        CWA 2222            3175 DRAPER DR    FAIRFAX    VA    S74013    1       

Manager's Clerk                    CWA 2222            25284 Pleasant Valley Rd    Chantilly    VA    S74EDY    1    Manager's Clerk                    CWA 2222            6295 Edsall Rd Suite 600    ALEXANDRIA    VA    S77BAU    1 

Services Technician               CWA 2222            19011 INDUSTRIAL DR    CULPEPER    VA    S57019    1    
Services Technician               CWA 2222            139 BELLEVIEW AVE    ORANGE    VA    S57046    1 

This does not mean that those who are offered will be forced off payroll. Again a surplus has not been declared by Verizon as of yet.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Hall at 703-256-2200.     


CWA Local 2222
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